His Latin Jazz Stars

Elegance, virtuosity and a Caribbean feeling — these are the elements that permeate the concerts of Roberto Santamaria and his band. “People are unfamiliar with the fresh combination of Cuban cha cha with elements of funk, soul and, of course, jazz. But they really enjoy it“ wrote Lorenz Erl in the “Donaukurier” after the band’s first concert in the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt in April 2012. In October 2013 the recognized label “Connector Records” published the first CD “Fiesta al Jazz”- the album. A tribute to Roberto’s uncle Mongo Santamaria, called the “Conga King”. Read more 〉〉

Sie gehören zu den

  • Joe

  • Hector

  • Michael

  • Leandro

  • Juan Camilo
    Villa Robles

  • Rodrigo

Todo en Salsa

Cuba is music! The sounds of the congas and wind instruments vibrate 24 hours a day, and at every street corner you’ll find great musical talent. Cuban music is rooted in various African and Spanish traditions. It has not only influenced Latin rhythms, but has also added its own special “juice” to many musical styles in other parts of the world. Roberto Santamaria loves fusion: Latin Pop, ritmos latinos de Colombia, Brasil, Jamaika, and of course, la noche cubana with Rumba, Salsa, Son. Read more 〉〉





Nächstes Konzert:

Villa Franck, Murrhardt

Son und Salsa am Samstagabend Kein Land der Erde hat so vielfältige, mitreißende Musik entwickelt wie Kuba. Zwischen Son Montuno und und der feurigen Salsa-Soße liegen Welten. Und doch haben sie eine Heimat, die karibische Insel Kuba. Patrick Siben und das “SALONIKER SALON ORQUESTA SABOR LATINO” bringen moderne heiße Rhytmen und nostalgisch-melancholische Melodien unter einen […]


Percussion Classes

Cuba is the root of latin percussion. Since 20 years, Roberto Santamaria teaches all the richness of various rythms: Rumba, Guaguanco, Columbia, Yambu, Abakua, Bembe, Palo monte, Son Montuno, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Songo, Mozambike, Timba, Changui. He gives classes to learn, enjoy and relax. Read more 〉〉